Legal Revolution

Legal®Evolution Expo & Congress 2018 is the largest exposition and congress for legal innovation in continental Europe.
Here, the worlds of law, business, public policy and academics converge as lawyers, business leaders, scientists, engineers, policymakers, and law professors come together for two days packed with educational and business-networking opportunities. Because of the highly international character of this event, with exhibitors and visitors from all parts of the world welcomed, the official language of the conference is English.

A unique aspect of our event is the merging of an academic congress with the traditional trade exposition format which has been proven to create great networking opportunities. At LEGAL®EVOLUTION 2018, representatives from all parts of the legal community will join pioneering legal tech companies, innovative computer scientists, and influential policy makers to share their developments, experiences, and novel legal tech solutions.

We feel that the cooperation of business and science is vitally important to the development of applied computer technology in the years to come. By bridging this gap and bringing such a diverse group of leaders together in the same event, we facilitate a trade in financial, technical, and intellectual capital that cannot be matched.

L®EXPO is the definitive interface connecting the diverse fields of legal technology in practice. Engage with the leading experts in these fields, and exchange insider knowledge about legal innovation and legal technology. Find a platform to share your products, services, insight, and experience. See the most advanced legal tech available today, and meet the minds who are engineering the law of the future.

L®CONGRESS showcases the academic and intellectual underpinnings of legal tech. Scientists, engineers, law professors and policymakers will debate and discuss the state of the art, and construct an optimistic vision of the future effect of new technologies on the legal industry, on public policy, and on society at large: a truly democratic system of law.

Such a concentrated assembly of movers, shakers, intellectuals, and investors provides a unique opportunity for you to expand your network, attract financial and intellectual capital, and share your products with peer and customer alike. Join us and together we can propel the industry forward and open the door to the legal tech world.

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